In the beginning…

Welcome to my blog-world.

I have puzzled with the thought of starting a blog for a while now. Mainly because I have been feeling the urge to write down some thoughts about work, but not really with a specific purpose in mind. Maybe it will help me focus my mind towards taking on the ARA Registration Scheme – maybe not! Time will tell.

I will try to keep blog-posts as positive as possible – that is a promise. I will do my very best to keep grammatical mistakes and typos to a minimum (preferably none at all), but should any of you spot any mistakes, please let me know – being corrected is the only way to learn and – hopefully – get it right in the future.

Finally, should any non-archivists come across this blog and have any questions, please ask! Indeed, comments and questions from both archivists and non-archivists are always welcome. Should you have any ideas for a blog-post I should also be interested in hearing them.

That is enough for today. Next post will follow in a few days.

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One Response to In the beginning…

  1. archive girl says:

    Welcome Anne to the Bloggersphere! I look forward to your other posts and maybe we can get a debate going across our two blogs.


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